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Stephen Chinnery, Solicitor-Advocate

Stephen is a Solicitor-Advocate specialising in insolvency law disputes and Validation Order applications. – View My SRA Page.

A Solicitor-Advocate is a solicitor that has the authority to present cases directly to any Civil Court in England and Wales without the additional expense of a barrister.  This means that Stephen can do the job of both solicitor and barrister when applying for your Validation Order.

In order to make an application for a Validation Order an application will have to be made to the Business and Property Courts either at the Royal Courts of Justice in London or one of the District Registries of the High Court at either Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham or Bristol.

Most solicitors will not have the ability to present a case directly to a High Court Judge.  This means that the case is unlikely to be prepared by the person that ultimately presents it to the Court. As a result here is likely to be a duplication and increase of costs if both solicitors and barristers are engaged on the same matter.  

It also means that there can be a seamless transition from preparing the documents in a case to presenting it to a Judge.

Stephen is an experienced trial lawyer and advocate.  He has experience of conducting trials and hearings at all levels in the Civil Court system.  This means that your Validation Order application will be prepared by the person and his supporting team that understand what the salient issues will be when the Judge comes to consider the matter.

Stephen has over 20 years of insolvency law experience.  He has dealt with and advised upon all insolvency procedures.  His Validation Order experience is extensive with scores of successful applications over his legal career.

Stephen leads a team of insolvency law experts that understand all of the issues likely to arise in your Validation Order application.  The whole team will understand that your bank accounts either have been or are about to be frozen and that the survival of your business is at stake.

Stephen works as a senior consultant to a number of firms of solicitors regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  This means that when you retain Stephen and his team to act for your company in a Validation Order application your case will be conducted by a firm of solicitors.  Contact Stephen to discuss those arrangements.

The Team

Your Validation Order application will be dealt with by Stephen Chinnery leading a team of specialist insolvency lawyers.

Ann-Marie Chinnery is an expert in insolvency disputes.  Ann-Marie has more than 10 years post qualification experience of all insolvency disputes and has years of experience of dealing with Validation Orders.

Ann-Marie supports Stephen in all of his cases and will be involved in the preparation of your Validation Order application as a support to Stephen.

Specialist Barristers.  In complex and high value litigation Stephen and his Team may consult outside Counsel.  In the case of larger organisations making a Validation Order application accountancy evidence may be contested or there may be substantial creditor resistance.  In those circumstances it may be appropriate to consult with specialist insolvency barristers including Queens Counsel.  For most Validation Order applications that will not be necessary but if your case does need outside Counsel to assist we will talk to you about that. 

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    Stephen Chinnery and his team of specialist insolvency lawyers have years of experience in pursuing Validation Orders.

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